Ears of Experience Travel Agency – A Disney Affiliate

Travel Agency Website

The website built for Ms. Mendy Wiilliams, a “Mouse Expert” with “Ears of Experience”, a travel concierge. Mendy needed a professional online profile for her clients to visit with a place to explain the services, highlight major destinations, request a quote and offer a way to contact her.  Visit mendyplansforthemouse.com to see how we set up our client for success!

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Kiss My Bass Baits

Kyle Morton, a Slidell/Pearl River area native who currently resides in Alabama, has a must-see online bait shop. Customers are allowed to customize their own bait by choosing from 23 different colors and 10 different glitters. You can further customize your bait by adding a pearl highlight or perhaps a crawfish scent. You can contact Kyle by visiting his new website at kissmybassbaits.com! Take a look at his new site designed by yours truly at Bayou Web Design+!

Kyle Morton Website: kissmybassbaits.com


Our client asked for a site in which his clients could easily customize their bait selection using drop down lists to choose attributes such as color, glitter, highlight and scent. He also wanted an easy, reliable and trustworthy way for his customers to create an account and checkout securely. According to our client, we have succeeded!!


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