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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Between 2015 – 2016, revenue from desktops compared to mobile changed a bunch. Before, you could bet about 60% came from desktops. Now Google is seeing a 50/50 split.

By 2018, the company projects that nearly three-quarters of Google’s net ad revenue worldwide will come from mobile internet ad placements.

Still not convinced that you need a mobile responsive site? Here are 5 reasons your business should go a mobile responsive design:

  1. Your customers expect it. Even if you are a B2B, your customers have the convenience of searching for other things on their device. Think about your own eye roll moment when you come across a site that isn’t mobile responsive.
  2. Newman already did. That company that is your biggest competitor, stealing clients away from you…your Newman – chances are they are already mobile. Don’t be left behind! Hopefully you are staying ahead of the guys trying to catch up!
  3. Sales will cheer. Sitting in an airport, at a convention – everywhere and anywhere you want your team to be able to pull out a phone/device and give them your best first impression.
  4. Organic isn’t just for veggies. According to Google, customers able to research products and services on mobile devices participated in some form of sales conversation 28% of the time.
  5. This isn’t a Laserdisc. We have seen the newest thing come, fail, and go. This isn’t one of those things. The move to mobile is the natural progression of technology to be more convenient, more adaptable, and more responsive to our needs.

Despite the additional cost of adapting your platform and solutions to the web, the cost is worth every penny. The change will benefit your business in the long-run, outweighing the initial investment by a considerable margin. With greater customer expectations and a more crowded marketplace, your team will be ready, with better communications, improved agility, more comprehensive analytics, and the tools they need to turn opportunities into revenue.

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