Bayou Web Design+ Slidell, Louisiana

We specialize in working with the WordPress platform, developing websites that are mobile-friendly. If you already have an existing website or you’re looking to launch something new…we can help. Although WordPress is a very popular platform that most of our customers ask for, we suggest larger and more robust platforms for businesses selling over 20 products. Magento is one of those platforms that can help businesses handle heavy database loads that come with selling thousands of products. If you are considering reselling and/or dropshipping a huge amount of products, you would need to go with an eCommerce platform like Magento. We also deal with other platforms such as Joomla, Durpl, Wikkis, Moodles, and more. We can build you a website from scratch with programs such as Muse and Dreamweaver, but why reinvent the wheel? The open source programs mentioned above cut time and cost in half.

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