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Slidell Web Design

This eCommerce website fit the needs of the client by allowing his customers to customize their bait by choosing color, glitter, highlight and scent from a drop down menu. At Kiss my Bass Baits customers may check out through a safe PayPal portal. This client is now able to take a small town operation and offer it to the world. Anyone looking for quality, customizable bait should shop at Kiss My Bass Baits!

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Web Design for Slidell Business

Kiss My Bass Baits

Our client is a Slidell area native who recently moved to Alabama, has a must-see online bait shop. Customers are allowed to customize their own bait by choosing from 23 different colors and 10 different glitters. You can further customize your bait by adding a pearl highlight or perhaps a crawfish scent.

Web Design Task

Our client asked for a website in which his clients could easily customize their bait selection using drop down lists to choose attributes such as color, glitter, highlight and scent. He also wanted an easy, reliable and trustworthy way for his customers to create an account and checkout securely. According to our client, we have succeeded!!

This eCommerce web design offered several payment options such as PayPal, ACH, eCheck and all major credit cards. When an order was made, we designed this eCommerce website to send our client a notification of the item sold with the chosen color, glitter, highlight and sent. Our client was able to print a mailing label and mark the orders as pending, completed, shipped or canceled to help him keep his orders organized. The web design included a product inventory control in which our client could change depending on the amount of each item that he produced each day.

The web design is mobile friendly and has an attractive layout on any type of mobile device. Many of our clients customers primarily used their mobile device to make orders. Our client mentioned that his customers were having no problems and found it very easy to make an order on their phone.

Since we enabled several payment gateways for this eCommerce web design, we assisted our client with setting up the necessary external accounts. We were provided access to a developer link for each payment option in which we were able to create security keys, an api, and any other authorizations that were needed in order to interlink the payment option with the website.


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS