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Slidell, Louisiana

Web Design in Slidell, Louisiana

Mitchell Brothers and Sons Amusements is a progressive, quality outdoor amusement company based in Slidell, Louisiana, with over 80+ years of experience providing safe family entertainment.

Mitchell Brothers now consists of over nearly 60 portable rides that scale from kiddie rides for young children, to major family rides for the intermediate adventurer, to the spectacular rides for the daring. Games and concessions are geared toward young children and families.

A Long Time Slidell Business

Mitchell Brothers and Sons Amusement is an entertainment company based in Slidell, Louisiana for many years

The owner of the business found us on the first page of Google. They viewed our portfolio and loved our style so they chose us to create their new website.

We were so excited to receive a call from them. We have been to so many memorable events and fairs over the years featuring Mitchell Brothers rides and games. It was a pleasure to work with them and we are so proud that we could help them get the WOW look that they wanted!!

Web Design in Slidell

We created a 15 page web design highlighting the company’s many years of experience, thrill rides, and safety policies. They also wanted to and an event booking form for their clients. We added an about us page to display the amount of experience that this company has. We also added a gallery and we integrated their Eventbrite account on a page to display upcoming events.

Mitchell Brothers did not have an Eventbrite account prior to us working with them. We introduced this tool to them and help them set the Eventbrite account up from scratch. We were then able to obtain an API code to help us integrate their new account into their new website.

We featured amazing video footage of some of their most popular thrill rides. A video of a thrill ride is used on the home screen slider to capture the audience. A great first impression is important.

Once the web design was complete, we then submitted their new website to search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex. This is an important step that many web designers leave completely out. Once a web design is complete, Google the name of your business. If the new website does not show up, it wasn’t submitted to the search engine.

They previously had a very old site with outdated information that was taken off the Internet because the hosting was not renewed with that company. The owner was concerned that there were valuable images on the old site that he didn’t have any replacements for.

Luckily, we were able to salvage all of the old pictures from that site using the “Way Back Machine“, an online tool to access old websites.

We pulled on years of information through a deep search on the Internet and obtained additional Images and videos to include in the new web design. There are 3 things that are a must now-a-days in order to get your business online with the chance of ranking in a Google Search:

To have a website, you need:

  1. Domain Name (i.e.
  2. Hosting – Hosting is where your website files are saved.
  3. SSL Certificate – To even have a chance of ranking in Google, you are required to obtain an SSL certificate for your website.

We offer hosting, domain name, SSL certificates, professional email and more at

It is better to have all of that information in one account instead of spread over 2 or 3 different accounts. We often help combine and organize our clients accounts as we did with Mitchell Brothers.

We are extremely proud that the new website design exceeded their expectations and are very happy with their new website!

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