OPM – Old Patriot Militaria

Auction eCommerce Web Design

Old Patriot Militaria is a military antique business. The owners of OPM, the Clifton’s, began their business over twenty years ago as a part-time endeavor. Today, Old Patriot Militaria has grown into a full-time, family business. They are a retired military family with an extensive background in museology, history, and industrial engineering. In every major conflict from the American Civil War to Operation Iraqi Freedom, members of their family have served in the United States military. Since their retirement from military service, the began to focus more on the hobby of collecting military antiques.

Old Patriot Militaria does not sell reproductions, fakes, fantasy pieces or any item that has been altered to the point of destroying it’s collector value. The foundation of their business is to honor those who have sacrificed to defend the United States of America and protect it’s citizens.

Old Patriot Militaria has spent the last 20 years selling their antiques through eBay. However, eBay’s fees have increased tremendously over the past several years. The fees have cut their profits so much so that they have made the decision to create a website of their own.


  • Create a fully responsive eCommerce store
  • Emphasize a military antique and patriotic-themed common design throughout the new design
  • Establish a foundation for future growth with search engine optimization
  • Create the information architecture for an expansive blog to be added within a year of the launch date.
  • Implement both a “Buy it Now” and an “Auction” script
  • Schedule cron jobs (scheduled tasks) to run automatically that will send out notifications about upcoming finishing auctions, notifications that let a user know when he/she has been outbid, and many more.
  • Configure worldwide shipping