Patrick J. Berrigan, Attorney at Law ~ Web Design

Patrick J. Berrigan, Attorney at Law

Mr. Berrigan was looking for an updated look for his existing website. He needed a web design that was reflective of  his successful and decorated career. Bayou Web Design+ provided Mr. Berrigan with an updated and professional look. We also gave Mr. Berrigan a “responsive” design. A “responsive” design means that it is mobile friendly. It adjusts to the different size devises that potential clients may be using such as; PC, Laptop, IPad, IPad Mini, IPhone, etc. If a site is not “responsive” or “mobile friendly”, one would have to zoom in to get the menu. The more difficult it is to navigate your site, the quicker a potential customer will leave it.

In July of 2015, Google changed its algorithms to demote those websites that did not have a mobile friendly (responsive) design. Because Mr. Berrigan’s original website was not responsive, he lost ranking with Google. When local citizens used Google to search for a possible Attorney to represent them, Mr. Berrigan no longer showed on the first page of results. Not only did Mr. Berrigan lose potential clients, but potential clients lost out on finding one of the finest lawyers in the State of Louisiana.

Whether or not your business shows at the top of the search engine is a huge factor given that the majority of people researching online, never go beyond the 2nd page. Most people research a business online first before contacting or visiting said business. There are many factors to “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization and a responsive design is definitely an important factor to consider.

Bayou Web Design+ can help professional, established Law Firms like that of Mr. Pat Berrigan to increase their client base by providing them with a professional online presence that is optimized for today’s search engines. If you are in need of representation and looking for someone with a proven track record, look no further than Mr. Patrick J. Berrigan, Attorney at Law. If you feel like its time to build your client base by creating an online image, call us! 985-445-1024!