That SEC Podcast
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That SEC Podcast is a popular SEC Football podcast with an anticipated 700,000 downloads during a football season for the audio version of the podcast.

Michael Bratton/SEC Mike, the host of That SEC Podcast has had a strong presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Apple Podcast, Twitter and Instagram, but lacked the dynamic website that it deserved. Michael and his partners reached out to us for a web design. This is one of my favorite web designs to date!

Mike and Jonathan with That SEC Podcast contacted us to build a website that was centered around their hugely popular podcasts about SEC football. The guys also wanted to be able to show statistics and other elements that a visitor might want to see when visiting the website.

We were able to create custom tables for the beautiful and organized display of season schedules, standings, player statistics, and more. An animated pie chart and line graph were used on the “Affiliate Advertising” page. On the home page slider, we used a script that pulls through and rotates the titles of the most recent podcasts. These are just a few examples of what makes this amazing site stand out from the rest.

This web design includes a page for each of the 14 SEC football teams including LSU, the University of Alabama and more. Each team page includes a schedule, standings, podcast and video blog posts. Other pages include schedule, standings, rankings, player statistics, team statistics, coaching statistics and more. The web design included tables with team mascot pictures like the example below.

web design with attractive tables

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