Honey Island Clydesdales

Honey Island Clydesdales is the only Clydesdale hitch team located in the entire southern United States. Based in Pearl River, Louisiana, we are just 40 miles north of New Orleans. Their hitch wagon and carriage, along with their beautiful Clydesdale team, are what make them famous for their appearances in parades, weddings, and festivals, as well as at corporate and private events. They appear regularly at events in New Orleans, Louisiana, Biloxi, Mississippi, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

This gorgeous team of Clydesdale horses needed a way for people to contact them and to schedule appearances, weddings, parties and other events. Now that the Clydesdales’ have their own website, you too can book your own horse carriage with the Honey Island Clydesdales. They will travel! Visit honeyislandclydesdales.com to see how we set up our client for success!

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