The Wine Market

Restaurant, Wine and Martini Bar Web Design

The website built for Mr. Doug Reker, an Entrepreneur and the owner/operator of The Wine Market, beautifully displays not only the restaurant menu but also the wine menu. Doug wanted a place for his patrons to visit and be able to view his menu and stay up-to-date on upcoming events. We are working with Mr. Reker to gather more pictures of each dish in order to add them to the website.

With this website, we are able to better explain all of the services that Mr. Reker has to offer from private parties and events, to the “Market” side of the business that carries some of South Louisiana’s hard-to-find liquor drinks and fine wines. This website is at its earliest stages and will continue to grow as we work with Mr. Reker over the next few months. We love to help our customers and we will work at a pace that is comfortable to you so that in the end, we are delivering the website that you had envisioned and one that is the best representation of your business.

Please share this portfolio with someone you know looking for an affordable and dependable web design company or someone who owns their own business and may benefit from having a web page design. Thank you!

The Wine Market – Slidell, LA

Doug and Michelle Reker, of Slidell, Louisiana own the very popular Restaurant, Wine and Martini Bar known as “The Wine Market”. A wonderful, cozy place for adults to wine, dine and relax with their closest freinds, we wanted to showcase the many other services offered at the Wine Market. Bringing attention to the restaurant with their menu online and an eventual display of dishes was a very important goal with the website build. We also wanted to add information for customers about private parties and events as well as showcasing the “Market” side and its thousands of fine wines and hard-to-find spirits. Stay tuned for many new updates and additions as we build a beautiful portfolio of their popular dishes. You can follow our progress at! Take a look at their new site designed by yours truly at Bayou Web Design+!

Doug and Michelle Reker Website:


Our client asked for a site in which his clients could access their menu, contact them for questions concerning private parties and events, and feature fine wines and hard-to-find spirits that the “Market” side carries. We are tasked with several “mini” photo-shoots over the course of several months in which we will build a beautiful portfolio that provides an outstanding visual aide for the website menu. The Wine List is changed several times a year and we will be taking care of that for Mr. and Mrs. Reker so they don’t have to.

Mr. Reker also hired us recently to manage his Facebook and Instagram page. We have had a wonderful time doing so and have made huge increases in reach and impressions. Also, check out a few of our Facebook Commercials that we have made for The Wine Market. You can visit their Facebook page at


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