Cosmo Hair Salon

Web Design

This website was built for Ms. Lauren McKee, the owner of Cosmo Hair Salon located in Slidell, Louisiana. Lauren needed a professional online profile for her clients to visit with a place to highlight her portfolio of hairstyles and services that she offers at her salon. Lauren expressed the need for a website because of the clients continuing requests for a website to visit and view her work. Ms. Lauren’s website is finished and is on a temporary domain name until we assist her in resolving, securing, and updating all information regarding the domain name We will post an update as soon as the website is moved to its permanent domain name.

Cosmo Salon 

Lauren McKee, a Slidell/Pearl River area native who owns her own hair salon on Pearl Street just off of Gause Blvd. Lauren came to us looking to build a professional online image for her salon. She wanted to grant the wishes of many of her clients to have her portfolio and profile on a new website. We are currently in the process of assisting Ms. Lauren in obtaining and updating her original domain name of When the information is updated we will be making an announcement so stay tuned!!


Our client asked for a site in which her clients could view a portfolio of her beautiful hair styles, listings of her services and contact information. We also had the task of helping to centralize and update the domain name information. Now all of her information will be in one place where we, a local company, can help her retrieve, understand, update and maintenance her website. Mission accomplished!!


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS