Singletary’s Tree & Arborist Service

Web Design

Arborist and Tree Service Website

Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. Dan Singletary of Singletary’s Tree Service reached out to us for a new and updated website. The new design needed to make way for a new projects and news section to provide customers with more information and giving them all of the tools needed to decide the best company for the job. In the ever competitive world of business,

Rebecca and Dan Singletary were a complete joy to work with and I enjoyed creating the online presence for their business. It was important to me that I represent a professional, organized and informative site for Singletary’s Tree Service and the future customers that will be visiting the website.

Singletary’s Tree Service

Rebecca and Dan Singletary of Pearl River, Louisiana called us looking for a fresh and new website for their business, Singletary’s Tree Service. Rebecca and Dan have also expressed interest in Search Engine Optimization and Search Rankings. Now that the new site is designed, we will begin working on on-page and off-page, local search engine optimization.


Our client asked for a site in which not only displayed a more professional and updated look but also expressed interest in Search Optimization. Now that the site design is complete, we will begin working on the SEO.


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • CSS