Select Brands Inc.

Web Migration and Maintenance

Mr. Dwayne and Ms. Charleen Shockley of Select Brands Inc. came to us with a web design on a zip file.  They were looking to set the website up under their own hosting account and be trained on how to update the website themselves. After migrating the website to its new home, we provided support by visiting their place of business, through detailed instructions online/emails, and through phone conversations as needed. Mr. and Ms. Shockley also needed assistance in setting up a new email account for their business.

Bayou Web Design+ can help businesses like Select Brands Inc. not only build a website from scratch but also provide assistance in organizing and streamlining online accounts as well as providing training for our clients to be able to cut costs by updating their website themselves. Although Select Brands has taken some things into their own hands, we will always be there if they need us. We have backups of their website and can help them anytime they need us. We are local and we are here to help when needed. Call us at 985-288-5030 for your website, website maintenance, social media, or search engine optimization today!

Select Brands Inc.

Select Brands Inc. was established in 1997 as a brokerage firm for fine wines and spirits. Due to a great partnership, Select Brands has become one of Louisiana’s finest representatives for the industry. The partners, Dwayne Shockley and Bernie Ralston, have a combined tenure of over 63 years of experience with wines and beverages.

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Mr. Dwayne and Ms. Charleen Shockley with Select Brands Inc. came to us with a website in a zip file. The task was to migrate the website files and the database files to a new hosting plan controlled and owned by Mr. and Ms. Shockley. Afterwards, they needed to be trained on how to update the files themselves. The training would take place by visit, email, and phone conversations as needed. We were also tasked with helping them set up new email and to help troubleshoot a few pre-existing problems.


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  • Microsoft 360
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