web design

So you want your business ranking on Google to be higher and your web developer (me) has suggested that you start a blog. As you try to keep your grumbles to a minimum, I realize that the task seems like a tornado in a corn field…blank, a little scary and totally foreign. I like to write even for other people. I can hear them talk about their passion in my head.  I understand that this joy is not shared with everyone especially when you say the “B” word…that’s right…BLOG!

If you are still reading, thank you! So here is the good news , it  is that no matter what industry you are in, it is likely that someone is making some great content about it already. I am not advocating that you pass someone’s creative, hard work as your own but sometimes we all need a little inspiration! Google is your best friend in searching for trending or best of lists. I can’t count the pages of “best marketing blogs” or “top marketing blogs” I regularly read, follow and go to for inspiration.

How to get into the blog groove:

Step 1. Discover: You will spend way more time than you really want to scanning the internet for bloggers you can follow and put out good content on the regular. The internet is already a time suck but hang in there! Remember this is going to grow your business and bring more traffic to your site. The best part really will be you will find a community of folks that geek out about the stuff you do every day. Search for newsletters, social media, blogs and videos.

Step 2. Read: Like really read. I suggest a list of 10-20 people but no more for go to sources and as you will see, people come and go so if one gets stale drop them. Don’t forget to mark your favorites, make a spreadsheet with link, highlight titles that immediately get you going and are strong in your field.

Step 3: Share: Who says every word has to come from you? If someone has said it better than you ever could, there is nothing wrong with giving someone the praise they deserve. Just don’t make it all the time or every time. Browse fees to adjust titles and don’t you dare post without an image, hashtag or mentions.

Once you get in a rhythm, time doing this will become less and less. I like to go deep and get an entire month schedule in one day.

If all else fails, know when you say when and hire someone who loves to write, check grammar and or hears voices in their head.